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You are looking for a company that offers fast, efficient and round-the-clock service. A company that has a large inventory and covers a large territory. A company with a professional and qualified technical team. Look no further, we are here to serve you!

Our service

Our administrators have many years of experience in the field as technicians. They therefore understand your reality very well. They also know how to surround themselves with a professional and qualified technical team. They ensure the continuous training of each technician and can therefore choose the technician who best suits your situation. This allows you to have more accurate and faster diagnoses to save you money on the total bill. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Personalized Customer Service

Our administrative staff is also at your service and will be happy to serve you. You can count on them to schedule an estimate, a service call, place a parts order or simply to provide the documentation required for your bookkeeping. We have a human and understanding approach to complications and will study each case carefully. afin de s’assurer de votre entière satisfaction!

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L’équipe s’agrandit! Nous recherchons des gens qualifiés pour compléter notre équipe technique. Vous avez de bonnes connaissances en électromécanique? Ne manquez pas votre chance!